Yuga will be featured as a total conversion for the Unreal Tournament 3 game. It will be ideally ported for the Play Station 3.

Yuga is a completely fictitious story conceived as one of the ‘untold’ mythological Indian stories. The story has been set in such a manner that all the beliefs and the myths that were prevalent in those days can still be related with modern times thus underlining the fact that Indian culture is not only one of the oldest cultures but also one of the richest of all times.
Yuga is an action packed third person adventure game. The game takes place on an island. The island has been infested by demons who are planning to raise an army to challenge god ‘Indra’. You find yourself becoming a part of a conspiracy where; the gods have sent you to eliminate an army and kingdom, even before the challenge has been put forth. As this tale of deception unfolds you are left to make the decision to choose the fate of mankind or the fate of the gods.

Yuga will be set in an open forest environment. The mood for the game will be very dusty, brown and sunny, like the classic Indian summers, with an explosion of nature and natural colours. The colour red has been very minimally used in the game except for blood.
The combat system will be very intuitive; the player will have complete control of the character and will inflict damage exactly where he wants to. There will be two modes of game play.
Various special moves have been decided for this game, for instance the power for multiplicity, weightlessness and our very favorite the krodh (rage) mode.

The feel for the game will be very ancient Indian. All the architecture and the props that will be added to the game will have a touch of the rich Indian ethos. There will be depiction of mechanisms and engineering advancements, adapted from Indian mythological stories. The game will depict a very rich and advanced Indian past, complementing the stories that were then written.