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Yuga (Era).

According to the Hindu Mythology, in the timeless epic of Ramayana, Lord Rama, was unable to cross the vast sea to reach Lanka where Sita was held captive. Losing control over himself, in angst and fury, Lord Rama had threatened to use the Bramhastra, the Ultimate Weapon or the Divine Arrow which would end the world. But he was pacified by the Sea God not to use the arrow as it would end humanity. Thus Lord Rama had shot the Bramhastra on a mountain which absorbed the arrow. There was something mysterious about this mountain to have absorbed the Divine Arrow.

Yugas later, Indra, The God of Demigods and Earth, is worried because the Evil Army on Earth is planning to take control over the heavens and overthrow its ruler. Lord Indra consults Lord Vishnu, The Creator of Universe, to help him. Lord Vishnu replies that the whole fate of mankind is in the hands of a human warrior, King Prana.

King Prana, is the warrior sent on a quest by the Gods to decide the fate of mankind. King Prana, the only true Dharmic (righteous) human alive on Earth is chosen by the Gods to help Indra, the God of Demigods, to defeat the Evil on Earth by using the Brahmastra, the Divine  Arrow which will end this Yuga and start another.

Thus, King Prana sets out on the epic journey, to defeat the Evil and help the Gods to retrieve the Bramhastra from the Demons. In this incredible journey of a warrior, King Prana will fight the Evil army alone. He will come across a whole kingdom and all its warriors, to solve the most impossible puzzles, puzzles that are designed by the Gods themselves to obtain the knowledge of weapons that only few enlightened souls will achieve.
This journey will not only see the fate of mankind, but also, the Gods.  One man’s fate will decide the future of the Humans. One man’s journey will reveal the real plot of the Mighty Gods. One Man’s destiny will decide the fate of an entire Era.

Let the journey of King Prana commence……… till Time reveals its secrets……..


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