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Long long time ago in a magical and mysterious world there once occurred a huge war. This was a war for dominance and pride. The facts of this war have been lost in time. It is not known to man who won the war. This is a story of the six warriors who controlled the whole war, who fought to their deaths and who became immortal through history.

The war that happened was not between good or evil; it was not between light and dark.... it was a war whose reasons are unknown.  It was a war where leaders emerged, where many fought as one, where six warriors stood and thousands fell.

The six warriors who fought this Great War were leaders in their own fields. Under the kings command these five men and one woman worked together to change the outcome of the world we see today.
This mysterious group of five men and one woman comprised of the sorcerer, the warrior, the giver of life, the twin blind fighters, and the over seeker

The sorcerer (Game Designer) was the mind behind the war; he compiled the conspiracies and took control of the outcome.  He used his magical powers to show the path to the other warriors.

The warrior (Concept Visualizer) was armed with a pencil and paper; he created an illusion of the armies and the world.

The twin blind fighters (concept artists) took control of the armies and the world. They created armies and changed the world on will. They controlled the sight that the other warriors would see.

The one woman warrior who was the giver of life (Lead Animator) could bring back to life all the illusions that were created by the warrior; she could also bring back the dead warriors to life with her powers.

Finally the Over Seeker (Programmer / Public Relations / Production) he saw to it that the war went right. All the fighters were great but it was necessary to channel their force at the right point to get the best outcome of the war.

The Sorcerer – Nairith Roy
The Warrior – Amit R. Baug

The Over Seeker – Gaurav Mehta

The Giver of Life – Aarti Singh Gaur

The Twin Blind Fighters – Janak Das and Tapan Sardar

Nobody knows why the war happened and when it took place but it is certain that this clan who fought for the king did not accept defeat. They defied death because they believed that the only way to win a war was by fighting for it.

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